There is a place in Mexico where Hollywood actors and European royalty go to detox from their hectic schedules. Its name: Cuixmala. This luxury hotel has all you need to spend an unforgettable winter holiday. 

The estate’s history goes back to billionaire Sir James Goldsmith, knighted for his services to ecology. Cuixmala was his getaway and home, a place to be with his family, business partners, and friends. After his death, the amazing residence was open to guests. 

So, head to Cuixmala this winter holiday season and experience its unique and sustainable beauty.

Get your winter dose of Vitamin Sea. 

Playa escondida Cuixmala Mexico romantic dinner red candle lights luxury nature sustainable
Playa Escondida

Warm sand and emerald waves characterize Cuixamla’s three private beaches. Each one offers a world-class experience on its own. What will you choose?

First, for the romantics Cuixmala beach offers 3km of serenity. The hotel’s unique location guarantees that you’ll feel as if you’ve got the place to yourself.

But if you are craving a bit of adrenaline, Playa Caleta Blanca promises kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing excursions. Boats depart from this location to the neighboring Isla Cocinas and Kitchen Island. 

Lastly, Playa Escondida offers rugged nature in a secluded location. Allowing you to spend your time swimming in the waves. In addition, the staff will place a Moroccan style tent, where you can share a delicious picnic. 

Feel Good 

Yoga studio cuixmala wellness

Doing something good for your body and mind never felt so indulging as in Cuixmala’s wellness and yoga facility. This recently opened 1200 sq foot studio was designed to make you feel connected with nature. Set your body free under the inspiration of its panoramic views and delicate open style architecture. Amongst its program, you can find yoga classes, massages, and meditation. 

Sunset Hoseback Riding

Visit the stables at the property and discover the beauty of the property. Our Caballerango/cowboys will take you through different trails and along Playa Cuixmala. In addition to horses, the state’s residents include zebras, elands, multicolor iguanas, and more. Have your camera ready!

Afterwards, choose to have dinner on your favorite spot. Shall it be under our oak tree or at the beach? If you wish, Cuixmala’s staff can arrange a picnic basket with fresh vegetables, cheeses, meats, fruit, and wine. All the food comes from Cuixamla’s organic farms.

room bungalow chairs view ocean fancy
Bungalow Roca

Get in touch with nature and relax in Cuixmala, a luxury hotel located in Costa Alegre. This getaway has just what you need to have an unforgettable winter holiday. Luxurious rooms, prime meals, and breathtaking views will make you fall in love with sustainable travel. 

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