When the winter holidays arrive, there is nothing like finding a cozy nook, wrapping yourself in a blanket, and watching the world from a comfortable spot. It is during these moments that you get the chance to reflect on situations that made you smile and the ones that made you grow. In many ways, it is an opportunity to reconnect with what truly matters.

If you feel like this is just what you need to start the year feeling your best, Senda Monteverde is the ideal place for you. This comfortable and luxurious hideaway, offers the privacy of a mountain lodge with all the perks of a boutique hotel.

Cuddle with a book in your private bungalow

When was the last time you read a book in one sitting? Or had a conversation without checking your phone? Sometimes, the bustle of everyday life halts our enjoyment of small pleasures, which, if you come to think about it, are the joy of life.  

At Senda Monteverde, the privacy of the suites invites you to once again flavor a great book, discover the taste of local freshly brewed coffee and share conversations with your loved ones in comfort and style. Equipped with all you need to lay back and relax, this luxury hotel offers you the perfect setting to live a meaningful holiday break. You will be so comfortable that discovering that Senda Monteverde is a sustainable hotel will surprise you!

Flavor an authentic cup of coffee 

Discover why Costa Rica is so famous for its gourmet grains as you flavor a steamy cup of coffee. Its delightful taste is the result of the combination of mountain regions and warm temperatures. Together, they provide a tropical weather ideal for Arabica beans. But that’s not all. The changing altitude allows for eight different types of coffee beans, each with its own characteristics and flavors.

Upgrade your cup of coffee with a delicious breakfast at El Sapo, Senda Monteverde’s restaurant. The menu features a farm-to-table selection of local and traditional dishes.

Experience the multisensory benefits of nature

Bird watching nature costa rica sustainable

Senda Monteverde is only a short walking distance from a private cloud forest reserve. On it, you can spot more than 500 types of birds, wild cats like the jaguar, cute monkeys, and even the famous Costa Rican red-eyed frog. But, this green lung is not only jaw-dropping. It also benefits your body in ways you wouldn’t even imagine. 

For those yearning to relax, walks in nature have been proven to decrease anxiety levels and boost happiness. It also contributes to making your body feel better as it lowers muscle tension, blood pressure, and the production of cortisol (the stress hormone).

Making time to reflect on the past year and imagine the future you wish to build is not easy. Vacation days are short, and because of it precious. Let the staff at Hotel Senda Monteverde provide you all the comfort you need to make every second count.

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