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A century ago, Daniel Defoe weaved the tale of Robinson Crusoe, a man castaway on an island somewhere on the coast of Trinidad. All he had was sun, sand, and calm. Today, city dwellers live surrounded by fast passing cars, continually ringing phones, and a never-ending state of digital connection. Naturally, Crusoe’s island sounds idyllic. 

Inspired by the novel, Benjamin Loomis, the owner of the hotel, set out to build an island hotel. His goal: to create a space perfect for detoxing and unplugging from the daily grind. The result is a relaxing oasis: Isla Palenque. Located on a private island in Panama, this luxury hotel has just what you need to experience a relaxing winter holiday break.

Beat the winter blues 

If you need an excuse to hit the beach this winter vacations, just say it’s for your health. Did you know that shorter sun hours affect your body’s vitamin D levels? Which also upsets your mood and energy levels. On the other hand, some benefits of spending a holiday in the sun are: lower blood pressure, improved sleep, better mood, and a healthier weight. Luckily for you, Isla Palenque is just the right spot for sunray catching. 

So get your skin glowing in your private beachfront bungalow. All bungalows are tucked away in palm grooves, and have a private path to the ocean. Being healthy never felt so good!

Detox from the city 

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Isla Palenque

Detoxing from the city life begins with turning off your notifications and getting your hiking boots out. So tie your laces, put some sunblock on, get on a Kayak, and get ready to discover the tropical beauty surrounding Isla Palenque.

Feast your eyes with the natural beauty of Las Piñalitas islets and their shallow bottomed cave. Feel like Robinson Crusoe did as you walk in nearby Isla Palenquito. Be amazed by the biodiversity of Boca Brava’s mangroves, where the rainforest meets the ocean. When you are ready, head back to your luxury home away from home and enjoy a delicious farm-to-table dinner. 

Program your brain for innovation

Let the rhythm of Panama’s Pacific ocean gauge your creative thinking. As you know, Innovation does not merely happen. It takes hard work and a nurtured mind. But, sometimes you are so tired that it feels next to impossible. Our solution? Take better breaks. Get your creative ideas flowing again with the help of Isla Palenque’s luxurious wellness program. 

Meditation, yoga, mindfulness are all practices that can help you reconnect with yourself and your surroundings. It’s been proven that meditation can help you regain your focus, decreases anxiety, and have a positive effect on our relationships. Experience its benefits as you practice yoga in your private beachfront bungalow or surrounded by lush palms and coconut grooves in any of the nearby seven beaches. 

The Winter Holidays are an opportunity to stop and think about how your year went, and what you would like your future to be. Let your mind wander with a cold drink in one hand as you soak up the sun in Isla Palenque. This Eco-luxury hotel will make you feel like you are in private paradise.  

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