Enjoy the most amazing holidays while saving the Earth! 

Cuixmala Hotel Mexico Luxury Beach Sustainable
Cuixmala, Mexico

Whether its long, sunny days walking on the beach or calmed evenings around a crackling fire, at Eco Hotels & Resorts, we’ve got a place just for you. 

We know that you aren’t just like any other winter traveler. Oh, no. You believe in responsible travel, in making smart choices and that tourism, done right, can build a better tomorrow. That is why, each of the hotels in our collection offer you the highest sustainability and quality standards.

Here are some of the ways in which your winter holidays will help the world become a better place.

Holidays by Lake Nicaragua

Nicaragua lake jicaro hotel floating luxury nature
Jicaro Island Lodge, Nicaragua

Surrounded by the blue waters of Lake Nicaragua, Jicaro Island Lodge is a visual poem of wanderlust. And as you relax in the pool or go on a hiking adventure, the hotel is contributing to the local community.  

One of their many efforts was implementing solar panels at Padre Nello School. This clean technology brings the kids and local community the possibility to produce fresh drinking water. Before, the community relied exclusively on water from the lake or expensive bottled water. In addition, the solar panels also provide power to the school and the community’s health center.

Choices that help the environment 

Jicaro Hotel local Welcome drinks

When we travel, our ecological footprint increases and it is in our hands to make better choices. That is why I invite you to ask yourself this every time you travel:  How is my hotel helping the environment? 

For example, in all of our hotels waste is managed by the four R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reduce, and Recycle. This practice involves banning plastic, cutting out unnecessary packing, and implementing onsite composting.

Luxury begins with a smile 

Staff kura local community smile
Kura, Costa Rica

At EHR we believe that luxury is the perfect combination between the surrounding nature, the warm and smiling staff, the quality of every detail and the high service. 

Which is why we collaborate exclusively with hotels and resorts who seek to make a difference in the world, by making sustainability one of their core values. Therefore, one of their many initiatives hiring staff from the surrounding community, as well as, providing them with educational opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Hacienda de San Antonio Mexico luxury hotel
Hacienda de San Anotonio, Mexico

So, prepare yourself for your next trip and get ready to change the face of travel with Eco Hotels & Resorts. The luxurious escapades, breathtaking scenarios and wide-ranging activities will have you exclaiming: This is Sustainable Travel!

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