Wellness holidays are an opportunity to realign your mind and your body. Among its benefits, a health-centered vacation can help you calm your nervous system, feel more relaxed, eat, and sleep better, and even get back into shape!

Latitud 10 is a unique luxury hotel tucked among lush palms and just steps away from the Pacific ocean. It’s white-sand beaches, consistent yearround surf, and sustainable casitas allow you to start this 2020 in the sunshine. 

If you’re wondering what you can do at Latitud 10°, we’ve got a list of our favorite wellness-centered activities.

Venture into the Waves

Latitud 10° is a surfing paradise due to its yearlong round surf, unpolluted white sand, and tropical weather. Beginner and expert surfers alike can find a wave to their taste in Costa Rica! You can ask us to organize individual surf lessons or board rentals. 

Experience the healing power of the ocean as you chase the Costa Rican Waves. Surfing is an activity which aids with stress relief as well as it provides an intense body workout that benefits cardiovascular health. Not to mention that the time you spend under the sun helps your body soak up vitamin D, which is essential for bone health and the growth of skin cells. 

After surfing, Head back to the hotel to refuel with a delicious dinner prepared with fresh, local ingredients. 

Unwind in a beachfront yoga session. 

Does your body feel tense? Is your mind cluttered with an infinite list of things to do? Let go of it with an unwinding yoga session. 

Yoga helps you build strength, deepen flexibility, and improve balance and coordination. Enjoy the benefits of this ancient practice with the ocean as your backdrop. Greet the sun, listen to the waves, allow the ocean breeze to caress your skin. Feel how, under the guidance of Latitud 10°s teachers, the noise of your life back at home turns into a clear sense of wellbeing. 

No matter whether you are new at yoga or have years of practice on your muscles, allow us to help you reach your best self. Maybe it’s finally achieving the down-ward facing dog or perfecting your praying mantis position. Afterward, refresh yourself with a shower in the open air, totally immersed in nature. 

Relax and restore your energy 

massage Latitud 10 relax costa rica sustainable luxury hotel

Extended office hours, evenings spent hunched over a computer, holiday shopping, plus the stress of balancing your private and family life, are all things that take a toll on your muscles. Relax and restore your energy with a massage. 

Choose the massage that best suits your needs. Deep tissue massages focus on reinvigorating your body, improving stiffness, and reducing lower back pain. While our holistic massage aims to leave you feeling nourished, relaxed, and balanced, or, if you are feeling romantic, ask for our couples’ massage, which is ideal for fostering a sense of connection.

You can choose to enjoy your massage wherever you wish. Shall it be on the clubhouse treatment room, in the privacy of your casita, or a shady spot on the beach?

Runaway and reconnect with your body at Latitud 10°. Enjoy a wellness retreat that will not only make you feel good but contribute to the environment and the community through the hotel’s sustainable practices.

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