Year-round sunny weather, white-sand beaches, friendly locals, and tasty international cuisine are some of the reasons why Aruba is one of the best destinations in the Caribbean. This small island should be in your travel plans, not only because it is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean but also because it has several safety COVID-19 measures in place. They are straightforward and will help you travel to the island with more confidence. Here is everything you need to know about planning your trip to Aruba in these times.

Who can travel to Aruba

Residents of Canada, USA, and European and Asian countries are welcome as long as they adhere to the rules and guidelines imposed by the government and health department of Aruba. Travelers from Central and South America (except Venezuela) will be able to travel to Aruba as of December 1st.

Online ED Card

Anyone hoping to travel to Aruba will need to fill out the online ED Card, or Embarkation/Disembarkation Card. This form is a good way for the government to keep track of the health of visitors but also to be able to reach them if necessary. This ED Card will ask you to fill in your personal information and provide a personal health assessment. 

To complete this form, you must also buy the Aruba Visitors Health Insurance. The insurance costs $10 USD for children up to age 14 and $30 USD for anyone 15 and over. The fee is charged for every new entry to Aruba, provided the insured is staying fewer than 180 days. You will also have to consent to follow all the mandates of the government of Aruba with respect to controlling the coronavirus. Once you have filled out the ED Card, you will receive an email with a link to your card/pdf with the designation “Qualified to Board.”

Aruba Visitors Health Insurance

The Aruba Visitors Health Insurance is an advanced insurance protection in case you test positive for COVID-19 during your stay. The insurance is required for all foreign nationals with the exception of visitors who arrive and leave the same day, Crew Members, Aruban students who return to Aruba, and transit/transfer passengers who don’t need to recheck their luggage. It covers:

  1. Hospital costs: Hospitalization expenses to treat severe COVID-19 symptoms, including specialist fees, diagnostic x-rays, lab expenses, and nursing costs.
  2. Intensive care unit costs: Intensive care unit charges for treatment of a critical ailment caused by COVID-19.
  3. Transportation: Costs of transportation of a Covid-19 infected person up to an aggregate sublimit of $350.
  4. Doctor consults: Costs of doctor consults up to an aggregate sublimit of $500.
  5. Isolation expenses: Maximum sublimit of $125 per day, max. 14 days, in case of a positive Covid-19 test result. Preventive government-mandated quarantines for fellow travelers and those who tested negative are NOT COVERED.
  6. COVID-19 Test: Max. 4 medically necessary Covid-19 tests as out-patient with a sublimit of $75 per test. The mandatory first test upon arrival in Aruba is excluded.
  7. Maximum costs limit: The overall maximum limit for all benefits together is $75,000.

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Arrival to Aruba

Travelers who do not have documentation showing a recent negative COVID-19 test will receive a PCR COVID-19 test at the airport and be asked to quarantine there for 4-5 hours until they receive a negative test result. 

The government recommends downloading the Aruba Health App, so you can keep up on the latest regulations with respect to fighting the pandemic. Should you require a COVID-19 test while in Aruba, you can also get faster results if you have the app.

Aruba Health App

While traveling you want to be well-informed, that’s why Aruba’s Department of Public Health has created the official Aruba Health App. You can use the app to make your visit extra safe and pleasant. The Aruba Health App benefits are:

  1. Faster lines at the airport
  2. Low touch travel
  3. Faster COVID-19 test results 
  4. Health information
  5. Health & Happiness Code business listings

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What to expect in Aruba

On the ground in Aruba, you’ll have practical regulations to keep both residents and visitors healthy. Beyond wearing a mask on the plane on the way to Aruba, you’ll be asked to wear one at the airport and en route to your accommodation, until you have arrived in your room. You should also wear a mask at all indoor public spaces, like markets, shops, and museums.

Bucuti & Tara, a luxury sustainable resort

¿Where should you stay in Aruba for an adults-only experience? At Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort of course! 

It is the Caribbean’s #1 resort for romance. This adults-only oasis is nestled on a stunning and award-winning Eagle Beach, one of the “Dream Beaches of the World”. Bucuti & Tara is perfectly located, between downtown Oranjestad and the Palm Beach area, adjacent to the Alhambra Casino and a variety of restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. The real focal point of this resort is the beachfront space, where you can grab a chair and enjoy the view. Bucuti & Tara implements all the strict protocols and measures the Aruba’s Department of Public Health imposed. 


If you have any questions or concerns about traveling to Aruba we are here to help you!


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