Hi! My name is Maria and I was born and raised in Mexico City. 

Due to my parents passion for travel, I was given from an early age the opportunity to discover both the touristic and secret sides of Mexico. This is how I came to realize that hospitality was, and continues to be, my passion. 

So, when the day came to decide what I wanted to do with my life, I moved to Switzerland to study hospitality at one of the best universities in the industry: Les Roches International School of Hotel Management. 

From then on, I’ve been working in the hospitality industry, mainly in sales and marketing, which I love. However, I couldn’t shake the thought that something was missing in my life; I wasn’t doing enough to help the environment, especially since I believe that global warming is the greatest threat of our time. 

Thus, I decided to do something about it. Long days of study, research and analysis showed me that most people don’t know that there are amazing sustainable hotels out there. Moreover, finding these options is often hard and sometimes there is no guarantee that the hotel is going to fulfill the guests expectations.  This discovery led me to find a sustainable way in which I could use my professional experience to contribute to the betterment of our world: Eco Hotels & Resorts. 

I love each and every one of the hotels in this collection, because of their uniqueness and because they are trying to make a difference in this world! I hope you love them too.

At Eco Hotels & Resorts we believe that you don’t have to give up comfort and luxury when you travel to a sustainable hotel. We believe in making the world a better place, that adventure is out there but so is rest. We believe that vacations can taste for some people like green juice and for others like gin & tonic. That’s why our collection of hotels and resorts has been curated to offer you a wide array of unique experiences. Whether it’s a virgin beach or a stunning resort deep in the woods, rest assured that if you can dream it, we can find it.

A New Kind of Travel

We believe in sustainable travel, which is why we are mindful of only selecting super natural, organic experiences that have a long term positive impact on the environment and the communities who help us make your vacations memorable. In addition, all of our member hotels and resorts contribute to the betterment of the world by integrating sustainable practices into their core principles. In other words, your stay is upgraded by practices such as employing sustainable energy sources, growing-or-buying local ingredients, helping the surrounding communities grow and evolve, educating travelers, and more. 

Quality not Quantity

We also believe in providing top quality experiences.  To bring you the best of the best our team has ridden horses, hiked to remote volcanoes, relaxed at a private villa and more. We take our job seriously so you can focus on what’s important: enjoying the moment.

We have an open-minded, sustainable, honest approach to travel. We take pride on bringing you unique luxury experiences. We believe in giving back to the community, which we do by honoring, respecting and helping the local tourism and ecology. We value the trust you place on us. But above all we believe in the power of choice.

What drives us?

We believe that together with our member hotels, we can offer the means to promote a positive change in the world, by collaborating and offering a unique and exclusive experience to travelers.


Incentivize an ongoing global movement to increase environmental awareness and to make people around the world more conscious about the choices they make when they travel. 


Become the leading sales and marketing consortium, by collaborating with the most unique sustainable hotels, and together modify the industries’ practices.

Our logo represents a Paulownia Tomentosa tree, which is also known as Kiri tree. This tree can grow in almost any type of soil, it is tolerable to pollution, it grows faster than almost any other kind of tree, it adverts soil erosion, it survives wildfire, it reduces ten times more carbon dioxide (CO2) and produces ten times more oxygen than an average tree.

We chose the Kiri tree to represent us because we believe it stands for our beliefs as a company. Our goal at EHR is to become a company that makes a difference, which reduces carbon footprints, and creates a positive change in the world. This is why we build our daily actions inspired by the Kiri tree: we fight through all adversities, grow in any land and faster than most, survive all threats and overcome our weaknesses. All while also giving back to the environment.

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