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Anse Chastanet property is a 600 achres tropical paradise in a prestigious location with the iconic view of both the Piti and Gros Piton mountains floating upon the Caribbean Sea. Architect owner Nick Troubetzkoy believes passionately in nature, with such a unique setting as his canvas, he was inspired to design a one-of-a-kind resort. Committed to an environmentally conscious development that makes the perfect getaway to log off from reality and find peace, tranquility, romance, and adventure.

anse chastanet

Anse Chastanet offers 49 individually designed rooms, 37 of which are scattered about a lush hillside, and 12 which are nestled within a tropical garden at beach level.
Every space is cozy and unique, bringing this warm-Caribbean feeling. Offering spectacular views of the beach and the famous St. Lucia Pitons.
Upon request the suites can be connected to a second room. For an even more exclusive experience, stay at the Piton Suite, the only room with a private pool or at  Beach House

anse chastanet
dining options

Anse Chastanet offers an enticing selection of menus available in several intimate hillside and beachside locations.
An exquisite and complete culinary experience: fine tropical Caribbean Cuisine, exotic Creole flavors, or simple grilled fare, and more.
Including dining on Anse Chastanet Beach at the Trou Au Diable restaurant, an East Indian-Caribbean Fusion menu. A wholly vegan experience at Emerald’s restaurant. A sea-to-table Balawoo seafood menu and the Jungle Grill for daytime laid-back dining on Anse Mamin beach.


Anse Chastanet offers a wide variety of activities on-site. Whether guests are looking for adventure (on land or water), lay down and relax, or learn something new.

✓  Get creative with art classes

Discover the amazing coral reefs by scuba diving

Explore the sea with water sports like kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, and sunfish sailing

Explore the island biking on 12 miles of private trails through the tropical jungle

Excursions to explore St. Lucia’s most famous sightseeing locations: The Sulphur Springs, St. Lucia’s famous walk-in volcano, the Louis XVI Mineral Baths, the Tropical Rain Forest, and the famous Twin Pitons

Birdwatching Paradise

Farm Emerald’s organic produce for their kitchens and artisanal chocolate lab

Enjoy and relax on two stunning beaches: The Anse Chastanet beach and the Anse Mamin beach.

How to get to Anse Chastanet

Anse Chastanet is located at 1 Anse Chastanet Road, Soufriere, Saint Lucia

Fly to St. Lucia
  1-hour drive from From the Hewanorra International Airport (UVF)

✓   You can request transportation from the airport to the resort


Anse Chanalet takes care of the environment by building awareness with their team and customers, inviting them to take part in environmental activities such as reef  and beach cleaning and tree planting.

Also for the conservation and preservation, they maintain natural waterways and have zero removal of trees to ensure that erosion and runoff are mitigated. and help to manage the protected near shore area – which is a marine reserve.

Anse Chastanet’s owner Nick Troubetzkoy is one of the founding members of the Soufriere Foundation to benefit and develop the Soufriere community. The resort provides education and training to the resort team, supports the local economy purchasing and hiring only locally, and also supports the culture promoting cultural attractions and events to customers, in addition to donation and charity programs.

Since 2007, Emerald Estate has been growing organic produce – from vegetables, micro greens, salads to fruits, spices, nuts and herbs- for the resort kitchens, under the supervision of consulting chef Allen Susser, taking the farm to table concept to a completely new level. There are over 1000 cocoa trees providing the cocoa beans used in the resort’s own chocolate production.

In Anse Chastanet practicing good energy saving behavior is an ongoing activity. Only natural lighting is used during the day, the resort’s external and grounds illumination uses all yellow lighting which does not interfere with the local environment or wild animal behavior, including turtle hatching. Their accommodations are built to take advantage of the natural resources such as natural air flow making air conditioning not necessary, and water treatment done with gravity flow systems eliminating the need for additional power consumption.

 For water management there is a written water plan with specific usage and savings goals, and the supplier encourages its employees and customers to participate.
The following water-saving practices are undertaken:
• The resort operates a wastewater treatment plant on-site and treats waste-water prior to reuse
• Towel and sheet reuse program
• Rainwater collection and reuse
• No wash-down of large areas
• Composting beach toilets 

Anse Chastanet efforts are focused on the 3Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle

Reducing packaging waste by bulked purchasing, personal care products are biodegradable, recycling or reusing materials like paper, plates, glasses, etc. and organic waste is composted.