Located at the foothills of Volcano of Colima, Hacienda de San Antonio is recognized by many as the most beautiful hacienda in Latin America. Blessed with eternal spring, this 19th century residence displays exuberant and extraordinary gardens which unfold into immense vegetation. Hacienda de San Antonio is also home to Rancho Jabalí, a 5,000-acre ranch where most of the produce served on the property is sourced.


Stay in a suite that will transport you to the heart of the Mexican hacienda life, but, with a European touch. Each of the rooms offers a different view. Imagine waking up to a majestic volcano or to a refreshing green garden.


Hacienda de San Antonio’s chefs prepare all meals from the seasonal and sustainable produce which is sourced from Rancho Jabalí, the hotel’s private 5,000 acres ranch. The ranch provides free-range beef, poultry, pork, organic dairy and house-roasted coffee. This has made it possible to design an à la carte menu composed of 90% locally sourced ingredients.

– The Hacienda has a beautiful formal dining room with an outdoor dining terrace.

– Guests can enjoy both International and Mexican cuisine under the creative direction of Gonzalo Mendoza, 5 Star Diamond Awarded Chef given by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. 

– Also, guests can request special setups if they prefer a more private setting for any meal. Guests can choose setups from a picnic by the lake, on top of the mountain overlooking Colima’s Volcano, in one of the gardens or in the privacy of their suite. 


From horseback riding, to romantic picnics at the Epazote Lake and foodie escapades, Hacienda San Antonio hopes to make your vacations unforgettable. 

– Go horseback riding at the 5,000-acre ranch.
– Have a picnic surrounded by lush, tall trees by the Epazote Lake.
– Enjoy a private coffee roasting & cheese making tour.
– Learn about Mexican culinary arts by taking a traditional cooking class or learn how to prepare a killer cocktail!
– Wake up early and discover where the cheese and milk of your plate come from on our cow milking tour.
– Experience a private air balloon adventure.
– Take a baking or painting class.
– Feel an adrenaline rush as you skydive or go exploring on a 4WD quad tours.
– Discover the surrounding nature on a mountain bike, hiking or while practicing stand up paddle boarding.
– Unwind under the hands of a professional therapist on the hotel’s spa.
– Experience local Mexican traditions by taking a historic hacienda tour or watching a charreada. 

*You can book the activities of your choice as soon as you make your reservation. If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you!


Hacienda San Antonio is located in Comala, Mexico.  To reach Hacienda San Antonio the fastest way is by air and then by car. So, we suggest you fly to:

Guadalajara (GDL)
3 hrs drive to Hacienda de San Antonio.

Manzanillo (ZLO)
2 hrs drive to Hacienda de San Antonio.

Colima (CLQ)
45min drive to Hacienda de San Antonio.

*You can request a private driver for transportation*

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To decrease the hotel’s carbon footprint, the Hacienda is constantly working on expanding its nursery of local plants, shade grown trees and organic coffee plants. Every year over 10,000 coffee plants and approximately 800 trees are planted.

As part of its environmental commitment, the Hacienda produces its own cleaning products and amenities, such as shampoo, creams, insect repellent, among others. Guests can buy their favorite products at the hotel’s store.
85% of Hacienda de San Antonio’s staff and workers are from the local villages. Because the Hacienda has its own organic farms and forestry plantation, it is the largest employer in the area. In addition, local merchants provide goods and services in support of these operations. The Hacienda sells locally made arts and crafts, as well as antiques and fabrics from other regions in the country. To strengthen the connection of guests with sustainable travel, the hotel offers multiple tours to explore the surroundings.

In order to build a sense of community between the locals and the hotel, the Hacienda’s employees collaborate in the cleaning of the main road.
Almost all the food consumed at Hacienda de San Antonio comes from Rancho Jabalí, which carries out various initiatives that support local communities and encourage the usage of innovative sustainable practices via organic agriculture, horticulture, orchards and coffee plantations.
To reduce energy usage, Hacienda San Antonio’s lighting favors the use of natural light during the day, and low voltage lights, candles and torches at night. Solar power is employed to heat the water for the pool, suites and the kitchen.
The Hacienda de San Antonio property uses a low-impact wastewater treatment system. To address water wastage, gray water is recycled and used in landscape irrigation. The Hacienda also has a catchment system which diverts rainwater to the fields of the organic farm.
In order to reduce waste production, Hacienda de San Antonio has banned from its property single use plastic. It has also implemented an in-place waste management system.
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