Las Nubes de Holbox

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Las Nubes de Holbox, located in Holbox, Mexico, is a treasure of the Mexican Caribbean, most known for its warm weather, white sand streets, fresh sea plates and fun without worries. It is a place where everyone can live in harmony with nature. Las Nubes, is a boutique eco-chic hotel with a family touch, that combines luxury and comfort. Where day by day a communion with nature is achieved. At Holbox the beach is free of sargassum. It is a privileged place surrounded by spectacular views of the Yum Balam Reserve, everything is made to make you enjoy and contemplate nature. Discover the perfect place to disconnect from everything and leave all your worries behind. As Holbox is an island, the WI-FI signal is sometimes slow. You will be able to receive better WI-FI signal in the common areas of the hotel.

las nubes de holbox

At Las Nubes de Holbox the design of the 28 rooms is a perfect blend of light, nature, and relaxation. Inspired by the Mayan culture, they have corners to read, listen to music and watch the breathtaking sunsets.


las nubes de holbox
dining options

Enjoy pleasant spaces and watch beautiful sunsets by the sea, always in the middle of nature at Las Nubes´ restaurant. Start your day with special drinks, energizing juices, delicious and aromatic coffee and artisan bread that is freshly made by the pastry chef of the hotel. During the evening, indulge your senses with the exquisite fish, seafood, international and traditional dishes of the region. Experience a unique meal with an incredible view and stunning service. All dishes are cooked with fresh local ingredients. Don’t forget to ask for the exquisite vegan plates.


Las Nubes want you to have incredible experiences to make your trip unforgettable.

Discover the bioluminescence natural phenomenon in a kayak tour.
Enjoy the majestic views of Holbox mangrove´s in a kayak tour.
Relax at the beach club with refreshing drinks and delicious snacks.
Have an amazing time in one of the three pools: an adult only pool, a family pool and a circle shaped therapeutic pool.
Visit the Orquídea Spa, an elixir of tranquility anchored in a natural paradise.
Practice kitesurfing.
Be amazed by the whale shark sighting tour (from May 15th to September 15th).
Ride a bike and discover the Yum Balam Reserve.
Meditate in the silence area, where you can only hear the sea.


Las Nubes is located at Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Fly to Cancun, Quintana Roo
3 hours drive from Cancun to Las Nubes de Holbox.

You can request transportation from Cancun to Las Nubes de Holbox through the hotel. It includes:
Ground transportation from Cancun – 2 hrs
Ferry to Holbox – 30 min
Taxi (golf cart) to the hotel – 15 min

*We recommend that your flight arrives to Cancun in the morning and leaves in the evening on your way back because the journey is long.

Las Nubes de Holbox organizes groups to clean the Holbox area and the surrounding beaches. The hotel has special lighting for the turtle season to avoid altering or confusing them. They have a program to rescue the pink flamingo, a species that was endangered. They have managed to go from 20,000 to 70,000 flamingos.
Las Nubes de Holbox works side by side with the Mayan communities.
The bags used to store the towels in the rooms are made by women in prison. Las Nubes de Holbox has a vanilla and cocoa rescue project.

Las Nubes de Holbox is powered by a state-of-the-art solar panel system, harnessing the power of the sun to generate clean energy.

Las Nubes de Holbox has a rainwater harvesting system to source water for the entire hotel.

Las Nubes de Holbox is firmly committed to the four R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. As part of this pledge it has banned single-use plastic.