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Take a step back to simpler times at Tierra Chiloé, a boutique spa lodge in Chile, where intrepid travelers are coupled with comfort, sea views, and the promise of authentic experiences. Celebrating the local island traditions and a unique geographical setting with natural ease, Tierra Chiloé seeks to immerse you in the best of this archipelago, which is awash in verdant pastures, dramatic coastline, and scenic clifftops.

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Each of the 24 guest rooms with a view at Tierra Chiloé Adventure & Spa Hotel offers a deep connection to nature. Some interconnect to make family apartments, and there are also two suites to choose from. 

Hand-crafted furniture and locally woven fabrics are thoughtfully incorporated into each room, a reflection of their bond with the island., inspired by the regional heritage of Chiloé. The spotlight is on the surroundings, with amazing views of the lands and ocean beyond.

tierra chiloe
dining options

The farm to table restaurant at Tierra Chiloé indulges in the rich produce of the local fishing community, which surrounds the hotel. As such, guests are treated to a plethora of seafood dishes, where mussels, sea urchins and other ocean treats fresh from the daily catch await.

In addition to close ties with the local fishermen and farmers, their chef makes homemade breads and pastries, and the local specialty, the traditional Chilean cuisine dish “curanto”.


With Tierra Chiloé’s portfolio of guided tours, you can hike, bike, kayak, or sail your way through the charming landscapes of Chiloé. 

Explore Tantauco Park. Located in Chiloe Isla Grande’s most wild area along the northern border of Chilean Patagonia.
Following the beach north for 12 km, you will see in action one of the typical Chilote economic activities: diving for razor clam extraction.
Enjoy the Low Tide experience. When the tide, dependent on the moon cycle, is low, this beach offers the experience of collecting many types of seafood.
Cross the Chepu River by boat, passing through the sunken forest, and arrive at the pier to start a trek through native forests.
Venture to the coastline of Chiloé’s National Park to encounter rugged beaches, winding rivers, and a blissful lack of development.
Set sail on the Williche boat, journeying southwest to the islands of Chelin and Quehui on this exciting full-day expedition.

How to get to TIERRA CHILOÉ

Tierra Chiloé is located at San Jose, Castro, Chiloé.

Fly to Puerto Montt
3 hours drive from Puerto Montt´s Airport to Tierra Chiloé.

Transfers from the airport to the hotel are included in the rates.

Pullao Marsh, which borders Tierra Chiloé, is an essential part of the area watershed because it keeps the area saturated with water, permanently and seasonally, maintains the water balance and sends water down drainage pathways. This marsh is home to a diverse biocenosis, where interactions among different species have led to the unique ecosystem that surrounds the hotel. Along these lines, they have a collaboration agreement with the Centro de Estudio y Conservación del Patrimonio Natural (Center for Study and Conservation of Natural Heritage), which aims to promote the sustainable management of Pullao Marsh and the conservation of its shorebirds such as the Eurasian whimbrel, Hudsonian godwit and black-necked swan, among others. Through training, they deliver important information to their staff about how to take care of the marsh and the environment in general. Tierra Chiloé also has a guided circuit on its property. Guests can walk it and learn about the characteristics of this ecosystem and the animals that inhabit it.
At Tierra Chiloé´s rooms, their guests find a gift of wool slippers, hand knitted by Chilote women. They have incorporated activities into their excursions list that benefit island businesses. Bosque Piedra supports the conservation work and study of this ecological park by Elena Bochetti. The Muelle de las Almas excursion offers an opportunity to see Sergio Subiabre’s work of art. At Cucao, they stop to eat Morelia Cuyul’s delicious Chilote empanadas. They taste and discuss Sandra Neiman’s traditional recipes in Curaco de Véliz, where she teaches them about organic agriculture and island tradition.
At Tierra Chiloé there are two hectares that have been planted with 18 different crops including herbs, fruits and vegetables. Nine of these crops are native to the region, such as nalca, hazelnuts and rosehip. There are also Chiloé potato and garlic crops, the island’s signature products.
The temperatures in Chiloé can be quite low, making a good heating system very important. Their system works with two biomass pellet boilers for the production of hot water and for the heating system. The heating system has thermostats and four inertial storage tanks to optimize its function. Their boilers are highly efficient as they are high performance, low consumption. The boilers are turned on when the hotel temperature is above 23°C. When it goes down 2°C, they turn on again to maintain the temperature. This system receives maintenance every 2.5 years to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Tierra Chiloe’s electricity is supplied by a local company through SAESA’s regional distribution. Additionally, the hotel has a diesel generator, which is used as a backup when blackouts occur. This hotel also has an architectural design that allows for cross ventilation to cool spaces down without electricity. The entire building is insulated and its thermo-panel windows have “Low-E” technology allowing for the conservation of 66% of the heat that is normally lost through windows. The electricity in each guestroom is keycard activated, reducing total energy consumption.
Tierra Chiloé´s water supply is gathered from the watershed into an initial 1,000-liter storage tank, then pumped into two main 15,000-liter tanks. The water in the tanks is treated through a chlorination process to make it drinkable and ready for consumption. 100% of the water needed is obtained in this way from the surface, providing the hotel with an independent supply. The low-consumption toilets are outfitted with uxometers, which allow for efficient uses of less than four liters. The bathrooms and the kitchen faucets have flow aerators, allowing for more efficient use of water. The jacuzzi has a filter, recirculation and vacuuming system making it unnecessary to empty it because refills are done by backwashing filters and the process of evaporation. This prolongs the use of 3,500 liters of water before changing it. The laundry is done by machines at maximum loads, according to manufacturers, with efficient programs to reduce the number of daily washings. They have a grey water treatment plant that allows them to reuse water to irrigate their gardens. Every three months, they clean out the Liquid Industrial Waste drain and deposit this waste in an absorption well.
Tierra Chiloé collects and separates cardboard, aluminum cans, glass and plastics. They are currently looking for a good supplier with adequate traceability to recycle the materials they separate. Some waste is delivered to their neighbors to be used for pig feed and the rest is added to their two composters: one next to the orchard and the other in the greenhouse.