Vomo Island Fiji

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Looking for the perfect beach getaway? VOMO Island is the place for you! Located in beautiful Fiji, VOMO offers a premier eco-retreat in its two spectacular private islands sprawled across 255 acres and surrounded by three miles of white-sand beaches.

Renowned for its natural beauty and luxury you will be able to enjoy #1 Fiji’s Best Resort Property. Experience the perfect getaway with your family or special someone in this tropical paradise where you will enjoy the perfect mix of world-class cuisine, spa/wellness experiences and amazing land/water excursions!

Feel like the only soul on earth as VOMO becomes your own personal paradise the moment you arrive. Walk, swim and explore the islands for hours, enjoy the delights as you reconnect with your loved ones and feel at home away from home. VOMO has everything you come to Fiji to find.


VOMO has 28 amazing villas with panoramic hillside or beachfront views. Also, the resort offers luxurious private beachfront residences for guests seeking a more personal experience that includes butler service.

Whether you choose to relax in one of the luxurious villas or the stunning private beachfront residences, you will immediately relax and unwind from the moment you step on VOMO Island.


VOMO has two different restaurants, both including vegan, vegetarian, lactose free and gluten free options. So don’t worry about your eating options! VOMO offers a delicious variety of tropical recipes that will meet your needs and delight you with its unique flavors.

Dishes are complemented with ingredients straight from VOMO’s own gardens. Their main Chef Michael Fosbender, leads the team in the creation of exquisite cuisine and beverages throughout the resort. His extensive knowledge and talent offers the best fresh and innovative cuisine, we assure you it will be a real delight!

With a great love for food and creating memorable dining experiences for their guests, VOMO also offers private residence dining or a lunch/picnic by the beach.


Guests are encouraged to take part in VOMO’s amazing range of activities that consist of snorkeling, scuba diving, stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing, hiking, trekking, yoga classes etc.

✓  Surf at Cloudbreak for the most challenging waves in the world.
Visit Cloud 9 floating bar in the middle of the ocean and admire its breathtaking views.
Spend the day in “Little Vomo” a private island just for you! 
 Go to the Fijian Village by speedboat.
Do the White Rock Snorkel Safari for stunning ocean views.
Discover Fiji’s Manta Ray and other marine life in their Snorkel Safari.
Enjoy the scuba diving experience or a fishing day.
 Excercise yourself in the gym or take a VomoFit class.
Watch the sunrise and have breakfast on Mt Vomo for the best views of the island.


VOMO Island is located in Fiji.

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✓  VOMO can be accessed by speedboat taking under 1 hour from the mainland or by helicopter just 15 minutes from Nadi Airport.
✓  VOMO will arrange all transfers.


At VOMO they know the importance of protecting not only the environment immediately around us, but also for the better of the entire planet in order to leave a healthy ecosystem for generations to come. They work hard to make sure our footprint on earth is as low as possible, through water, chemical, and waste management, as well as making conscious purchasing decisions that benefit their environmental goals. With their environmental plan constantly updating and improving, they are still searching for ways to enhance what they are already doing, as well as looking into further projects that will lessen our carbon footprint and help protect and re-build their local ecosystem.

VOMO works with the Mamanuca Environment Society to implement best practices for the nurture, care and regeneration of their pristine location.  Staff are provided with education and they also work with local villages to ensure they are educated on the care of their local environment.  VOMO supports the local villages through purchase of produce, taking guests for visitations and for employing mostly local staff as their hospitality superstars.

VOMO’s kitchen gardens are all organically managed and designed around building soil health, eliminating chemical damage to their reef, and helping to reduce their need for transporting fresh produce. They have three areas in production including their greenhouse, which grows their vegetables and their tropical fruit orchard. An expansion plan is in development to further enhance this initiative for next generations. With the production of the on-site gardens, they have significantly reduced the amount of imported fresh produce as well as offsetting a portion of the transport involved with sourcing products from all over Fiji.

VOMO is in a remote location and runs power off generators. 

Their on-site water bottling plant is used to cater all drinkable water on the island, saving over 90,000 glass bottles per year. This state-of-the-art system not only cleans the water to near purity, it also enriches the water with beneficial minerals. Because there are no natural rivers or wells on the Island, they use desalination as the source of all water. This system takes seawater from the ocean, removes the salt, then cleans and purifies it through a series of micro-filters and UV treatment. For drinking water, they take this process even further by running it through their bottling plant which is equipped with further micro-filters and a reverse osmosis purifier that removes 98% of particles that are not H2O. The purified water is then passed through a series of mineralizing filters that adds back the beneficial minerals we need in our diet that are normally found in fresh water. An additional UV treatment is used before the water is bottled in sealed reusable glass bottles for drinking use.

They use an aerobic system which naturally treats the water without chemicals. The water runs through a sediment chamber, then into an aerobic treatment system that pumps oxygen into the water. This neutralizes harmful pollutants and contaminants through aeration. The purified water is then passed through ultra violet treatment before being distributed to a holding tank. By using this treatment system, they can confidently use the purified and treated water to feed their gardens with chemical free, healthy, nutrient rich water. And as for composting solutions, this chlorine-free system also eliminates any possibility of harsh chemicals leaching into the surrounding reef.