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Ycona Luxury Resort is a new family owned boutique beach resort set on a private and exclusive white soft sandy bay in the amazing island of Zanzibar, the pearl of Africa. Is the perfect escape for those who love being immersed into nature without compromising style and comfort. With more than 60,000 m2 of unspoiled tropical jungle overlooking the turquoise water of the Indian Ocean, Ycona guarantees an unforgettable African experience surrounded by world class comforts and modern touch and is definitively the ideal high end beach resort for high end romantic couples, honeymooners and travel influencers.
ycona luxury resort

The eco-luxurious 1 bedroom villas are located in a private white sandy and turquoise bay on the east coast of Zanzibar with a stunning view towards the Indian ocean. The villas alimented with solar energy.

The modern and luminous 2 bedroom Luxury tropical villa is located over a 1100 sqm private garden and will allow the guest to enjoy an unprecedented atmosphere. Plunging into the private breakfast lounge immersed into and finely designed private pool, every conceivable comfort is a few seconds away. The 180 sqm one floor villa has private 90 sqm pool, a 82 sqm porch, jacuzzi, a large modern kitchen, 2 king size bedrooms, a wide relaxing living room, 2 finely designed modern bathrooms with chromo therapy shower and a spacious external relaxing pool area. In the kitchen will be possible to ask one of our chefs to cook for you on demand and do show cooking of some delicious specialties. The villas are powered by renewable energy (solar panels) and the water heating comes from solar thermal systems.

The 3 bedroom QUEEN tropical villa.
The guests are surrounded by 1350 1300 sqm of natural garden with unique autochthonous tropical palm trees in which they can be pampered under the sky in their own private pool. On the back of the villas, the Ycona spice and botanic garden is easily accessible. The 210 sqm one floor villa has private 90 sqm pool, a 95 sqm porch, jacuzzi, a large modern kitchen, 3 bedrooms (2 king size beds and 2 single beds), a relaxing living room, 3 finely designed modern bathrooms with chromo therapy shower and a spacious external relaxing pool area. In the kitchen will be possible to ask one of our chefs to cook for you on demand and do show cooking of some delicious specialties. The villas are powered by renewable energy (solar panels) and the water heating comes from solar thermal systems. The guests will contribute to the environment in every stay at our eco-villas to reach the carbon neutrality.

ycona luxury resort
dining options

4 restaurants:

The Heart of Zanzibar – Fine dining restaurant: ItalianMediterranean, fusion and fresh seafood

The jungle pizzeria – Italian pizzas and specialties, grill (wood owen)

Ycona Lounge: light and healthy dishes, Italian aperitif, Spanish tapas, sushi, fresh ice creams and
sorbets, tropical cocktails

Mama Africa: a cozy jungle middle eastern – African food experience

Private dinner – The Ycona signature

Delight a delicious in-room breakfast with our special service “Private Pool-Breakfast”, a unique experience in the whole Island or choose the sand bank location to enjoy it. À-la-carte menu available to order 24 hours, it is delivered with exquisite presentation and offers a perfectly balanced combination of excellent quality, unique local product and healthy solutions on demand. Include Italian coffee and a large selection of teas, pastries bread and fruits, freshly squeeze juices and hot dishes. The extensive gourmet breakfast selection is also available as takeaway, simply order it 30’ in advance. On Sunday, the breakfast and lunch can be replaced by a flavourful brunch!


Enjoy wellness activities in the in the privacy of the forest, amazing panoramic beach lounge, tropical lake with
over-water spa & gym and, a wellness jogging trial inside a perfumed spice garden or a Yoga class in the vibrant nature of the Ycona jungle, a real tropical paradise.

Relax with you partner with a rejuvenating spa massage, offered in several unique amazing locations throughout the resort.

How to get to ycona
Ycona is located very close to the Zanzibar international airport. We offer transport to all our guests from the Zanzibar international Airport. Your journey will start with a a Vip welcome arrival from your Ycona Butler, a 30 minutes comfortable drive from the airport by private carto the resort.
Ycona wants to reach carbon neutrality by 2030 with several initiatives by reducing to zero the C02 emissions via several initiatives. Already utilizing a large amount of renewable energy sources form inception will strongly contribute to the environment. On top, a cooperation with a few suppliers that utilize recycled material and recycled plastic, was decided from day one of the design to minimize its footprint on the environment. Another aspect is that Ycona, over a large area of 60000 sqm that could have hosted 300 hotels rooms decided to respect to the maximum level the local nature and vegetation and only 18 villas have been built minimizing the footprint and environmental impact (ESG goals, 12,13,15).
Ycona is a strong support of circular economy initiatives. We love to offer to pour clients local food. We start with our Ycona botanic garden where the clients can see directly the vegetables and fruits that they will find in their meals all managed by local gardeners. Ycona will not use pesticides but will promote only biological products. This, along with the promotion of healthy menus and a conscious responsible eating by maximizing the sue of seasonal fruits and veggies will be compliant with the ESG goal 3. We will also have “healthy corners” in some of our restaurants to allow our clients to cherry pick directly their preferences before they are cooked or prepared. On top we will respect ESG goals 15 by preserving the local ecosystem at our bests and the ESG 14 by respecting one of the wonders of our planet, the sea with all its sources and values.
The access to sweet water in Tanzania is a critical issue and Ycona is committed to preserve the water utilization. Ycona has developed specific practices and tools to meet the ESG goals 6 (clean water) and ESG 14 (sea preservation). Sensibilisation programs of the clients and the employees towards the respect and reduced use of this source is of crucial importance and a specific communication program to the clients and the employees will be delivered. Reducing water consumption during the showers, limiting to use towels to reduce the energy and water used in the laundry, and the implementation of a water treatment plant will be the key. Ycona acquired an innovative water treatment system from The Netherlands to allow to offer clients local water adequately treated according to the highest standard and will be possible to offer it in bottles, both sparkling or natural at their meals.
Ycona promotes all the 17 ESG initiatives and the 2030 sustainable agenda of the United Nations. By an energy point of view, the current design will allow to have all the air conditioning system in all the structures alimented by solar panels. On top, the on-grid solar panel design will allow already a 60%+ coverage with renewable energy solutions like photovoltaic solar panels on the roofs and high efficiency solar thermal solutions for the water heating. However, Ycona has the ambition to become the first carbon neutral eco-resort in East Africa. Out of the 18 villas, 7 are use 100% renewable energy, a first great step toward carbon neutrality. On top energy efficiency electric bulbs and solar lamps will be adopted along the various pathways. Not only. Further expansions towards carbon neutrality and a full renewable energy eco-resort are under evaluation for implementation in future phases of expansion. With such approach Ycona is committed to ESG goals 7 (clean energy), 9 (energy efficiency) and 11 (sustainable communities).
Ycona is strongly committed towards local content valorization and development. The first 5 ESG goals Ycona selected the goals 4 (education) and 5 (gender discrimination) to start with. This will be achieved with The Ycona ESG fund activities that will enable to build the “Ycona training center” where the new generation of Ycona employees of 2030 will be formed and developed not only to excel in the hospitality sector but also with sustainable mindsets development. The support to the nearby Marumbi local schools will be the first step awaiting the realization of the training center. Fighting diversity and gender discriminations will be achieved with a balanced workforce that promotes meritocracy and treats all gender and all diversities in the same manner. On top, Ycona will meet ESG goal 8 (decent work and economic growth) supporting its best employees with special support packages.
Ycona has the circular economy as one of the founding pillar of the organization to be in few years. Such initiatives are strictly linked to waste management practices. In the Ycona ESG fund project we specific initiatives or waste reutilization will be adopted. The waste food will be used in composter to crate high efficiency biologic fertilizers for our gardens. Sensibilization on the use of recycled material as priority and the harmful impact of plastic for the ocean will be targets with specific programs to make sure the local community understand the impact and value of it in the long run.