Sustainable Tourism

As a sustainability-led company, we believe that the only way of building a better tomorrow is by working together. Therefore, our sustainable based experiences not only have minimal environmental impact, but also actively help the local community and ecosystem achieve its maximum potential.  


At Eco Hotels & Resorts we think that meaningful experiences begin with helping our neighbors. This is why our activities support the education of the community among others. 

In addition, we sustain that knowledge empowers people and creates the will of building and maintaining a sustainable future. Therefore, each of the hotels in the collection is deeply committed to initiatives centered around education, renewable energy, local produce and more. 

This is sustainable TRAVEL

If you believe that keeping the planet and it’s communities in balance begins with our personal actions, welcome to our community.

All our member hotels follow the GSTC Industry Criteria, to find the full list of GSTC global standards click here.

Each of our member hotels aligns with the following standards to ensure their best practices. 

 – Member hotels must hire their staff locally, aiming to have a mayority of native workforce. Employees are trained on sustainable practices both by example and operation. To support this, specific preservation guidelines are designed.

– The local community is invited to monthly interactions with the hotel’s employees. This is done with the intention of fostering long lasting relationships. Moreover, they are provided with the knowledge and tools they need to bring sustainability to their everyday practices.

 – To reduce the hotel’s footprint, clean energy is employed. This is achieved by adopting appropriate technology that aims towards minimizing negative impact.

– Hotels must strive towards responsible water management practices by measuring how much they use and by implementing recycling wastewater technologies.

– Guest’s food must come from nearby sources. In order to decrease the transportation footprint and increase local employment opportunities. When possible, hotels grow their own orchards and raise their own chickens.

– Member hotels agree to Preserve, Restore and Protect the local biodiversity through the implementation of best practices and help of local organizations.

– Hotels infuse into their practices the four R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste. For example, hotels have chosen to ban single plastic use products, changed plastic straws for bamboo ones and implemented compost practices.

 – Member hotels provide competitive salaries and benefits to their employees to strengthen the local economic system. As well, they contribute to the local economy by buying and hiring local. 

– To guarantee this, the hotels implement in their practices a total transparency disclosure system.

 At Eco Hotels & Resorts, we think of travel as more than just an opportunity to disconnect. That is why, each of our hotels and resorts has been selected to bring you an opportunity to experience the world in a unique and sustainable way without letting go of comfort and quality. 

Because we know that your holiday time is precious, we’re committed to only offering experiences which honor the following elements:

unique and authentic experiences

Go where few have gone by staying at our exclusive hotels and resorts. Behold the beauty of nature as you experience unique natural places, culture and local traditions on your own terms. We’ve carefully curated our member hotels to provide you with the opportunity of experiencing travel in a whole new way. From hikes, to massages, we have something for every taste.

farm to table food: for the responsible gourmand

Delight your palate with the authentic flavors of your destination!  Our member hotels and resorts grow and buy their ingredients locally, which guarantees taste and freshness.  

Luxury & confort

From private villas to open aired casitas, you will be able to relax or go on an adventure with the same comfort and luxury as in any other luxury hotel in the world.  For instance, when you travel with EHR your comfort will not only have a responsible impact on the environment but will be 100% real.

How does your stay with us have a positive impact on the world?

When you choose EHR, you do not only sign up for a luxurious experience. You contribute towards redefining the face of tourism.

Helping reduce the environmental impact

All of our hotels and resorts operate with renewal energy; strive towards better water recycling practices and aim for the creation of farm to plate practices. Above all, this won’t compromise the comfort or quality of your stay. On the contrary, they will enhance it by reducing your ecological impact. 

HELPING the environment and local biodiversity

When traveling with us you are not only reducing the impact on the environment, you are helping the hotel restore the local wildlife by respecting, growing and regenerating the local ecosystem. 

HELPING local communities

By staying at one of our hotels you are giving jobs to the local community, helping them grow their businesses, collaborating with their education, making sure they understand the importance of taking care of our planet, and more! 

Change the face of travel

Become part of a new worldwide movement, whose goal is to change the way people travel in order to give something back to the world.

incentivize other hotels to join our movement

We believe that as travelers, we are the first ones who should become conscious of our footprint. Because if we don’t start demanding more sustainable alternatives, there will be no positive change in the current form of traveling.

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